Tabitha Park - Illustrator and Concept Artist

Tabitha Park is a graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. She earned her bachelor's degree in Illustration. While many fields of illustration are appealing to her, she hopes to dive farther into the fascinating field of Visual Development: specifically the visual development of Video games. 

Her most accomplished and recent work was a 60 page full color artbook containing a variety of sketches, character and city bios, two short stories, a world history, and a language for a fictional world of her own creation. The book is titled Weeyeutei and it is available for purchase through (the button for the link follows).

She has also illustrated the board game Around the World, which is now available for purchase (the button for the link follows)! 

In her free time she works on personal projects (such as comics, world building, and animated shorts), plays video games, reads literature, and binges new shows and movies.

Ever since she was little she has dreamed of bringing to life the world of imagination. Through her life she has sought out like minded individuals--that is to say, individuals who thrive through creating new worlds, characters, and tropes.

Using a mix of traditional and digital art she brings to life unique and quirky characters and settings. 

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